Fight Poverty with Micro Credits



Micro loans for the world’s poorest citizens; rather than hand outs that provide short term solutions and create dependence.


To develop revenue generating activities, not pure consumption.


To create employment locallyand limit migration to big city shanty towns and other countries.


Charitable micro financing for the benefit of those in need; not a bank looking for profits.


To achieve this end, we collect tax deductible donations. Our volunteers regularly visit the six countries we sponsor. They do so free of charge and cover all of their own travel expenses. The purpose of these trips is to select local NGOsto manage the micro credit projects we finance, and follow up on their progress.


Our NGO partners offer loans of 30€, 50€ or 100€, provide basic training and long term guidance to recipients. The repayment rate is over 95%, and the recovered funds are loaned anew. One small donation, used over and over, like a single snowflake rolled into a massive ball….that is the theory behind Don Boule de Neige (the snow ball donation).


Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, at minimal expense. We have neither offices, nor employees. Our costs are covered by our fundraising activities.


This means that 100% of your donationis used to finance our micro credit projects.



Key Figures


Total donations recieved in 2012 : 170 000 euros (vs. 180 000 euros in 2011)


Total amount invested in micro credit projects in 2012 :163 000 euros (the remaining 7000 euros was rolled over to 2013 loans)


Total amount invested since 2004 (the start of DBN): 1 002 500 euros


Number of micro credit recipients since 2004 : over 15 000*


* The reimbursements from these loans have allowed a further 30 000 loans to be granted


Yearly administrative costs in France: 2800 euros (these costs are entirely covered by our fundraising activities).


100% of your donation is used to finance our micro credit projects.